The Reputation Token

REPX offers a Reputation Token which is used to value and trade the Reputation. The Reputation Token can be accessed by users only after registering on the Reputation Online Register.

In order to do this, the user needs to download one of the Company Apps.

The user can start "playing" in the Reputation Market once the new Digital Reputation Identity registered on the blockchain has been activated.

There will be two different typologies of Stars partnering, dealing and collaborating with The Reputation Exchange:

  • The first one interested in proposing and selling his/her Be Friend App to their followers and fans, in order to have a better channel of communication and relationship with his / her fan base;
  • The second one interested in proposing and selling the Reputation Token to their followers and fans and challenge other Stars on the Reputation Arena.

Moreover, there is always the possibility for these Stars to do both partnerships described above with the Company.

The Stars are the key element for The Reputation Exchange products and token. They will have a joint venture partnership contract with the Company on 50%-50% revenue share basis.

The Reputation Market will be composed by the following assets traded:

  • The reputation Token price against fiat currency and BC;
  • The Stars signed up for single trading;
  • As many Cross Assets as the possible combinations between the number of registered Stars;
  • As many Cross Assets the Reputation market will consider useful in order maintain a high volume of trading and liquidity;
  • The Reputation Index.

The Company has fixed a maximum number of stars per country. All the business model is based on scarcity, exclusivity, and selection.

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