The Reputation Crypto Currency Market

Finally, REPX will also offer an electronic, regulated Market based on its Reputation Trading Platform, that’s a Security Token Exchange based on the Reputation Token.

The Reputation Trading Platform allows all the individuals who are registered on the Reputation Online Register, via RoRKey, BeFriend and BeEngage Apps, to trade, with the Reputation Token, celebrity and politician reputations and monetize on the price variation of such reputations and on the exchange rate between the reputation cross (Reputation Trading).

Issuing celebrity tokens and monetizing celebrity popularity has been in the spotlight and in the current trend of the Crypto universe. REPX differentiates from these players, because it is also offering:

  • Specific Social Apps;
  • Trade with a single currency - The Reputation Token;
  • All the Reputation Online Management tools offered by Right of Reply Ltd., such as: THE REPUTATIONIST, THE DEBTORIST, RON (Reply on News), ROC (Reply on Credit) and ROS (Reply on Social).

These Reputation Online Management tools are both coherent with the mission of REPX to be the “Reputation Nation”, potentially the “gold standard” of reputation and right of expression, reaching larger populations through conventional web channels.

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