The Reputation Online Register (RoR) leverages the Blockchain technology to make digital reputation distributed, independent, immutable, sound and transparent. Blockchain technology improves Digital Reputation Identity (DRI) management and the expression of constitutional and personal rights related to the “Right Of Reply.”

Each registered user on the Reputation Online Register (RoR), receives a Digital Reputation Identity (DRI) and the possibility to access a range of services and products (e.g., products, games, trades, etc.) that have "reputation" at their core.


Why We Need RoR

  • RoR can respond to negative credit & reputation history with timeliness & relevance.
  • 20% of Americans have an error on their credit report. RoR is an online applied technology that enables users to review and respond to negative content regarding one’s personal credit history & reputation.
  • 5% of Americans are penalised because of these errors. The Mission is to become the gold standard of reputation and right of expression by reaching larger populations through conventional web channels.
  • RoR enables individuals to regain control of their personal reputation by empowering them to fully express truths regarding their personal financial history.

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