Product Description

The REPX or Reputation Exchange is an electronic, regulated Over The Counter Market (OTC) which is based on the innovative trading platform known as Reputation Trading.

The Reputation Exchange Platform and the Reputation Trading Platform both makes the concept of REPX. The nature of REPX is an amalgamation of traditional exchanges such as Stock Markets and Currency Exchanges and the Cryptocurrency Token Exchanges. The nature of regulations, safety, and requirements which are a part of REPX have been derived from both traditional exchanges and Token or Cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Reputation Exchange or REPX lets users trade with Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as an array of fiat currencies. REPX offers the best rates that makes it one of the best platforms for traders to trade using cryptocurrencies. Coming with a multi-signature cold wallet and an encrypted hot wallet, REPX guarantees top-notch security that is parallel to the technology used by the largest and most eminent financial institutions. The REPX app which is available on Android and iOS lets the users keep a keen eye on the portfolio. The multi-signature cold wallet, the encrypted hot wallet along with a 3-point architecture all influence towards its supreme security control feature.

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Product Benefits

  • The Reputation Exchange or REPX lets asset trade be expressed in tokens and it in itself is based on the Security token regulations
  • The asset trades can also have a utility nature which can be spent for a service offering that is initiated by the user
  • Each asset can be settled in Bitcoin, thus opening a gateway for two kinds of prices attached to one asset- a fiat price in USD and a Cryptocurrency price in Bitcoin or BTC
  • Every asset that would be traded on this platform will not only be based on the price variation of a specific asset like the Stock Exchange but it would also include the relationship against any other asset that would be traded like the Currency Exchange.

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