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The Reputation Exchange (REPX) merges two key terms: Reputation and Exchange. Repx is a reputation market place where reputation can be capitalized on and traded, while promoting digital identity, alongside fun, interactions and fair online dialogue.

REPX aligns real and digital identities, providing a blockchain managed Reputation Online Register, on which registered members, after having obtained their Digital Reputation Identity (DRI) in its Standard or Professional versions, will have access to two different kinds of products: the REPX Apps and the REPX Market.

REPX also helps celebrities and political entities to engage in secure communication with fans and spectators while trading their reputations on a regulated market. On the Reputation Exchange, any reputation of a public figure, personality, or political party will be traded as assets.

REPX’s mission is to be become “The Reputation Nation” for personal online reputation management while monetizing and trading such reputations.

As a Reputation Nation, REPX will offer:

  • A Registry office – The Reputation Online Register (ROR);
  • Product 1 – REPX Products / Apps (DRI, RoRKey, BeFriend and BeEngage);
  • Product 2 – REPX Trading Platform (Market and Reputation Tokens).
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The Problem


REPX engages itself with ORM or Online Reputation Management that influences the Reputation of public figures and groups such as Political Parties. Negative publicity and malicious online content can wreak havoc on celebrities such as individuals who have made name and fame in the field of Athletics, Politics, Cinema and Social Media. Several areas of negative online presence may affect the social portfolio of celebrities or political parties.

Fake Online Identity:

Individuals who pose as real celebrities may post and spread fake news like wildfire. This might include conning activities like fake signing or drafting contracts with organizations, extorting money from fans and other media personalities. However severe (or less severe) may the case be, the only scapegoat in this situation are the celebrities whose identity have been compromised or forged.

Lack of Transparency in Trading:

Fake accounts of celebrities usually have tricksters with malicious intentions in their minds. Accounts with fake identities can con and scam fans while they make arrangements to deliver personal items of usage in lieu of money. The fans, on the other hand, are usually left in the dark about the real identity of the account owner and end up being scammed by such an arrangement. Unverified celebrity accounts cause lack of transparency when it comes to trading either with collaborative organizations or the respective fanbase.

Political Funding and Social Activities:

It takes a considerable amount of time and human resources for any organization to start collaborating with a celebrity. To collaborate with a celebrity or political party, the interested organization must go through several channels such as media communications and human communications. Not only that, but the organizations might also have to pay more and more as they reach different agencies to finally crack a beneficial deal with a celebrity or political party. Similarly, involving a celebrity or political figure in a social activity may also take a lot of time and money to reach the proper negotiation.

Huge Cost:

From signing deals to appearing for a specific social cause - organizations might want to involve celebrities and political personalities for several public appearances. The agencies that work closely with the managers of such known faces may add up to the cost of booking these well-known faces. Commissions and affiliate costs add up vastly to produce a lump sum billing amount.

Illegal Online Activity:

It is not uncommon a piece of news, that involves different celebrity accounts being engaged in inappropriate and rash behaviour online. Spreading photoshopped images, fake news and being a part of criminal content are all termed as illegal online activity. A phony celebrity account may take advantage of the famous name and carry out a vendetta against the same (or different) stars by maligning their images in the reputation market. For example, sharing, storing or supporting child pornography and narcotics-related content may hamper the image of the public figure, although the “real face” behind such activity may have no idea about such heinous activities being carried out.

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The Solution

REPX Reputation Online Register (RoR) leverages the Blockchain technology to make digital reputation distributed, independent, immutable, sound and transparent. Blockchain technology improves Digital Reputation Identity (DRI) management and the expression of constitutional and personal rights related to the “Right Of Reply."

Each registered user on the Reputation Online Register (RoR), receives a Digital Reputation Identity (DRI) and the possibility to access a range of services and products (e.g., products, games, trades, etc.) that have "reputation" at their core.

Anyone’s identity can be verified by BeFriend APP, a REPX product powered by Blockchain technology can be downloaded and allows a limited and selected number of fans to have limited direct interaction with a specific sport, entertainment or other Celebrities (or “Stars”).

REPX will also offer Politicians and Political Parties an innovative, legal and transparent means to move politically charged topics out of “fake news” and into constructive, fact-based dialogue, via its RoRPolitics product.

This tool enables politicians, candidates and political parties to share their views in a clear and transparent manner, while at the same time holding officials accountable through public fact-checking and real-time correction of misinformation.

Politicians, candidates, and political parties can collect funds for their campaign and social activities using BeEngage App.

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Who Can Use It

  • Individual - Sports and Entertainment fans, Financial products & service consumers
  • Focus Industries - Media & Advertising, Credit rating Agencies, Insurance, Banking, Consumer loans, Immigration and naturalization
  • Focus Geographies - USA, UK, Switzerland
  • Target Celebrities - Sports and Entertainment
  • Political Parties - Independent, State and National level parties

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