REPX aligns real and digital identity that provides DRIs or Digital Identity services to individuals in order to enhance and construct their online reputation.

There are two levels of Digital Reputation Identity, which correspond to two different sections of the Reputation Online Register, Both Digital Reputation Identities (DRIs), and are provided via RoRKey’s DRI App.

DRI Standard


The first Digital Identity service is called DRI Standard, and it is free for any user. The goal of the DRI Standard is to have as many users registered as possible. Registering for DRI Standard will provide access to the following services:

  • Registration on Section 1 of the Reputation Online Register;
  • RoRKey Community Membership;
  • Access to services offered by Right of Reply (e.g., THE REPUTATIONIST, THE DEBTORIST);
  • Purchase of Reputation Token (as elaborated in the section “The REPX Token Market” below).

The second level of Digital Reputational Identity is called DRI Professional (DRI PRO). Users will have to pay to access DRI Professional services. DRI PRO utilizes a thorough process of identification requiring each user to undergo KYC (“know your customer”) and AML (“anti-money laundering”) procedures.

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Registering for DRI Pro will provide access to the following services:

  • Registration on Section 2 of the Reputation Online Register;
  • Secured verification process by verifying the User identity whenever required;
  • Access to the Right of Reply services which enable registered users to embed their own reply into any content mentioning them, such as:
    • Content on online newspapers and blogs, via Reply On News (RON)
    • Content on credit and financial reports, via Reply On Credit (ROC)
    • Content on social media, via Reply On Social (ROS)
    • Selected articles on THE REPUTATIONIST
    • Credit Amendment on THE DEBTORIST
  • Discounted subscription to the Reputation Token, with specific REPX wallet;
  • Ability to trade celebrities’ and political parties’ reputations on the Reputation Market;
  • Receive a REPX Prepaid Mastercard;
  • Open an account with Stockbrokers and Financial Organisations.
  • Third party partners of REPX or Right of Reply can gain access to verify the registered users through KYC and AML procedures. These verifications can yield lucrative services on the third-party platform.

Therefore, users can exercise and fully express their Digital Reputational Identity in a Financial or/and Social ecosystem, thanks to DRI Pro. The underlying blockchain technology powers each personal identity and enables any user, with verified identity, to access Financial and Social reputation products and services.

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