BeFriend, a REPX product is an APP that can be downloaded and allows a limited and selected number of fans to have limited direct interaction with a specific sport, entertainment or other Celebrities (or “Stars”).

Thanks to the BeFriend APP, also powered by Blockchain technology, anyone’s identity can be verified allowing the identified user to access unique content and interaction with the Celebrity.

Features of Be Friend App:
  • The advantages of the RoRKey App (therefore users become part of the REPX Financial ecosystem)
  • A specific chat room with the user’s favorite Star (each BeFriend App is nominative to a particular celebrity)
  • Personalized content, posted by the Celebrity in a regulated and private environment (e.g., unique photos, news or communication)
  • A unique gift or discounted items that, otherwise unavailable
  • A prepaid Mastercard, created by the user’s favorite star
  • 1x, what the user has spent in €, in Reputation Token (as elaborated in the section “The REPX Token Market” below)

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